CREATE jagged edge on cylinder

I actually want a jagged edge but can’t figure it out. Trying to create a tree stump where the end of the bark has peeled or fallen away from where the top of the stump is. In the image the tan color is the “wood”. The default material is the bark where I’ve created that jagged or uneven edge but can’t figure out how to give it depth. Thanks for any insight!

I’d use Normal Push/Pull from the Joint Push/Pull tools to do that. You can get it from Sketchucation.

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That worked great, thanks!

Another method, with native tools (Circle, Offset, PushPull, Line, Rotate, Move, Ctrl+Eraser)


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yeah, that’s good also! Drawing that top jagged edge along and around the cylinder was tricky

I drew the jagged edge on a rectangle and then bent it into a tube with True Bend.