Create Complex Wall Surface



I am designing an auditorium for my architecture studio class, and I want to use an acoustical wall surface like this:

The look achieved will be very similar to the background on the SketchUp homepage; I don’t really know what to call it. Origami? “Geometric” is way too generic. It doesn’t need to be acoustically accurate for this project.

I know I could do it manually, just draw the lines and move the points, but I was wondering if anyone knows of an extension that could help do it faster and with more complexity. This will wrap around both walls and the ceiling. Thanks!



There are a lot of designs for acoustic walls. After playing around a bit, I decided to use a hexagonal tile. To make things easy, I started with a hexagon and modified it into separate components. This ended up looking good with a minimal amount of effort.

This video shows the steps I used to make the grid:


Thanks, that’s a good suggestion. I’m going for something more organic- I
think I’ll have to experiment with a real (physical) model!


If you’re looking for random orientations & rotations, Sculpt Tools plugin is perfect for you. It triangulates the faces as your purpose.
I made below image with it, started with a simple grid plane. Then used Random Select plugin to select faces randomly. (You can add/change materials as required later if actual tiny 3D holes aren’t necessary on the mesh)

Modelling this kind of "geometric/origami" structure?

That looks very promising- thanks!


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