Create an Interact Tool Shortcut?

Hi, everyone.

I am an intermediate user of the free version of SketchUp and have recently discovered the dynamic components in the warehouse. I have put some doors into a model of my house and would like to easily open and close them. I have the DC toolbar open, but since I am lazy, I would like to create a keyboard shortcut for the Interact Tool. If I open the Preferences (Mac user), I can find the DC toolbar and create a keyboard shortcut for that, but would be even happier to have a shortcut for the Interact Tool.

Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks in advance for any help.

In Preferences>Shortcuts, type Interact in the Filter line. Add a shortcut key. Don’t hit enter after typing the shortcut. Just exit Preferences.)

Thanks for the fast response, Dave. It didn’t work for me earlier this morning, I couldn’t find the tool. Now I can find the tool and set up the shortcut. Must have had a typo/thinko earlier today.

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