Create a collection in 3D warehouse accessible by students

I am working with a team of teachers to create an architecture project for distance learning. I’d like to be able to share a curated collection of furnishings for their houses, things like beds, shelves, chairs, etc. Can I create a collection that I could share with them so when they log on they can find appropriate items? We will all be using the free web version of Sketchup.

Hi @paulmayhan, yes you can create a collection and share it with others. Just copy the url of the collection and send it to the folks you want to share it with.


You can also use a Google Drive folder for everything related to the class including PDF instructions, video instructions, etc., especially if you’re working in a Google school.

Can 3D Warehouse support the kind of limited permissions you can do with Google Drive, Dropbox, etc, or are your choices only “just me” and “everyone”?

We use Microsoft stuff, so I have OneDrive. I didn’t think about sharing it that way. I guess I could create a OneDrive folder and put all of the objects in there, couldn’t I?

The school I teach at uses Google, so the natural thing is to share a G-Drive folder with the class roster. I imagine the Microsoft system would work similarly.

We are using Canvas for assignments, so it would be easy to create a One Drive folder with a share link that I could send out. I wish there was a way they could connect their projects to the folder so they wouldn’t have to download and find it. That will blow some of their minds.