Crashing and can I install on two pc?


I have sketch-up on my work pc. Been ready and learning on my lunch hour. I also have it on my home pc but it will not work. Every time I try to use it to open the template I get bugsplat.


Graphics Card (OEM, Model, Memory):

Operating System (Company, Edition, ServicePack Level, Version, Bitness):

SketchUp (Edition, Version, Bitness):


If you haven’t installed any faulty extensions, the first suspect would be your graphics card driver.



Have to check my lap top when I get home tonight.


So last night I did check my laptop and it said that it was running on a Intel® HD Graphics 4000


Check the driver version:

Which brings up the Intel Graphics Control Panel.

Go to “Options and Support” > “Information Center”

Then check your current driver version, against the latest available for your chipset, either at your computer’s OEM website, or Intel.


Thanks Dan. In like Flyn.


Nice I didn’t check it there! Also, would a apple mac work? I have been told apples are the way to go.

Apple vs PC for SketchUp

To see our graphics card requirements, please visit the following page.

Also with our version 2015 licensing, a single-user license of SketchUp Pro is assigned to one person and can only be used by the registered user. That individual can authorize 2 personal computers with the same license.

Licensing is cross-platform, and can be used on both Mac and a Windows machines.

For instructions on how to authorize multiple machines, please visit the link below.

Hope this helps!