Crashing and can I install on two pc?

I have sketch-up on my work pc. Been ready and learning on my lunch hour. I also have it on my home pc but it will not work. Every time I try to use it to open the template I get bugsplat.

Graphics Card (OEM, Model, Memory):

Operating System (Company, Edition, ServicePack Level, Version, Bitness):

SketchUp (Edition, Version, Bitness):

If you haven’t installed any faulty extensions, the first suspect would be your graphics card driver.


Have to check my lap top when I get home tonight.

So last night I did check my laptop and it said that it was running on a Intel(r) HD Graphics 4000

Check the driver version:

Which brings up the Intel Graphics Control Panel.

Go to “Options and Support” > “Information Center”

Then check your current driver version, against the latest available for your chipset, either at your computer’s OEM website, or Intel.

Thanks Dan. In like Flyn.

Nice I didn’t check it there! Also, would a apple mac work? I have been told apples are the way to go.

To see our graphics card requirements, please visit the following page.

Also with our version 2015 licensing, a single-user license of SketchUp Pro is assigned to one person and can only be used by the registered user. That individual can authorize 2 personal computers with the same license.

Licensing is cross-platform, and can be used on both Mac and a Windows machines.

For instructions on how to authorize multiple machines, please visit the link below.

Hope this helps!