Crashed! Can't save

SketchUp '17 has froze with a “not responding” grey screen. I don’t want to exit the app as I’ll lose unsaved work.
What do I do?
Kaiden :slight_smile:

Be patient and let SketchUp finish what it is doing. The Not Responding message does not indicate that Sketchup has crashed. It means it’s busy and won’t respond to any new commands until it is finished.

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Okay I’ll see what happens…

Does having a lot of toolbars etc slow SU down?

No. It won’t have anything to do with this. That’s not really a lot of toolbars, either.

Why do you have redundant toolbar buttons, though? There’s no need for that.

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I like them there :joy::joy:

Some are off free trials for stuff which I’ll get rid of…

I was referring to the native ones.

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Oh right. Anyway your first post works - apparently SU isn’t happy with my laptop - being very slow today!

Maybe it’s telling you to go get some fresh air or something.

Haha lol :joy: :national_park: