Crash when i export to make a video


Please help, my sketchup seems to crash half way when im converting my work as a video. Can i know what can i do to fix this problem?
Please help. I send several crash reports, my email is, Michelle Lim



First, I think we need to establish a few things. What version of Sketchup are you using? Free or Pro Version? What is the file type you are trying to export to? Is it a video of what you are doing in Sketchup, or an animation that you made IN Sketchup?

Essentially, we will need a little more information from you, to better assist you.



Im using sketchup pro 2015. Im trying to export animations that i made in sketchup to avi file.



If I’m not mistaken, it is the same process as Sketchup 2013. Here is a basic walk through of how to export as a .avi file. Please let me know if this helps.