Courses on SketchUp - what application to view them?

Hi , I’m struggling to view the free courses online, not able to view any of them. Are these courses same as what is uploaded on YouTube or different?

If you are referring to the Campus courses, they are not available elsewhere. Are you able to log in correctly and have you Enrolled in the courses?

If you’ve done both of those and the actual video player isn’t working for you, please let us know. If you have trouble logging into Campus, reach out to us:

Hi, thanks for your response. I downloaded the "Sketchup Fundamental - WinRaR Zip file " than went to EXTRACT folder to view it as a video, but it didn’t work. Or is there something wrong that I’m doing.
Will email them .

Once you are logged in the courses are viewed in your browser. As I recall the downloaded file are support materials. The courses are interactive with a quiz at the end.

Yep, this is correct. The download files are supporting .skp or other files, the videos are only streamed on Campus.

thanks for the response .

Will try again .
thanks .