Could use a little help with projecting a wood stain on a table top?

Hello, I was hoping someone could help with projection a stain on a rounded edge table top? I have attached the table I need a little help with. I am trying to get the stain on the table top so that the grain will run in the proper direction on the corners of the top. I tried to project it and it still did not look good. I also turned on hidden geometry but I still could not get it to look good ARGH!!

If anyone could help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:
Thank you


Why are you trying to project the texture onto the top? You should be able to apply the texture directly to the faces with the Paint Bucket tool. If you really must project it, rotate that rectangle over to the right so it is horizontal and rotated in the direction you want the grain to run on the table top.

Sorry for the late reply, Thank you Dave. It was the corners of the table top, but I figured it out. Just rotated the texture then projected it to get the corner of the table top a little better .

Thanks again