Correct API UVs, but wrong ViewPort representation


1 - Create an object and group it.
2 - Create a material, add texture to it and apply that material to the face of the created object (double left click on the object to be allowed to edit the face and not the whole group).
3 - Change the scaling/rotation of the texture from the texture>position menu after right clicking on the face while using the paint bucket tool.
4 - Delete the material from SketchUp (as expected the material and textures get deleted from the face).
5 - Create new material and add a texture to it.
6 - Apply the material to the whole group.


  • The new texture would be shown in the viewport as if it was applied to a freshly created and grouped object.


  • The SketchUp API returns the expected/correct UVs, which are used by all 3rd party extension, but the viewport does not match that representation.
  • The viewport representation seems to use the UVs from the deleted texture, which had edited scaling/rotation.

That’s interesting - I didn’t think a group could use UVs at all - but it persists from the deleted face and shows on the group’s face.

If you paint the texture back onto the original face it resets as expected.

In the UI, it might be called a feature instead of a bug.

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