[Bug] mesh.uv_at - wrong UV coordinates



In the attached : WrongUVsTest.skp (83.7 KB)
(SU2017) model SketchUp returns wrong UV coordinates for the front face of the component:

The checker material is applied to the component. The face itself has a default material applied on both sides.
The default UVs for the front face has been forced by using “deleted material technique”.

Getting UVs of untextured faces

Default Mat, Color Mats, Texture Mats along with UV mapping is pretty much an abandoned topic for SU folks, unfortunatelly, though it’s probably one of the most interesting for hooking people to sketchup.

Default material has no UV and neither colored materials. Colored materials also shade different from texture materials of the same color.

The “technique” Tomasz describes is a VERY useful one:

1 - make a component;
2 - edit it and paint it’s faces with a textured material (so UVs can be defined);
3 - position the textures on the face (so UVs are correctly configured);
4 - erase the material from the model;
5 - close the component edition and paint with any textured map;
6 - the material will be following the UVs set in 3.
7 - However, renderers cannot read it…

Here’s a gif of the setup:

Here’s a gif of the render of the output:


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