CornerBar forum a bad idea

Why have a “Corner Bar” forum ?

It is unnecessary. There a plenty of forums on the Internet to discuss politics, current events, poetry, pretty girls, etc., etc.

This community portal is based upon SketchUp and its uses. If I was to create a phpBB site to discuss CAD (and I was toying with the idea lately,) … I definitely would NOT add in a “any subject” or “Corner Bar” type of forum.

Doing so opens up the possibility of hate topics like those recently posted in the SketchUcation “CornerBar” forum. I have been greatly disturbed by the filth and hate , such as reposting of terrorist propaganda and anti-semetic trash.

Most shocking of all, it was posted by those who operate SketchUcation !
I no longer have respect for these people, for misusing SketchUcation in this way.

I have turned off my “Top SkechUcator” badge, and severely cut back time on SCF.

Which is why I am here on the new SketchUp Discourse site.

Hi Dan and sorry but I disagree with you about not wanting a ‘corner bar’ as some forum section.
For one may want to discus something with others on the forum that doesn’t quite fit into the other sections but still not want to “redirect” them/the topic to any other forum.

See the ‘corner bar’ as just another channel on the TV: switch to it as you like.
You don´t like it so don´t go there,… is that an option for you?

I haven’t read any of the posts on SCF that you refered to. Although I might still do so, just to know who is who!

Well there should be a no flame war, no religion, no politics rule.

We do expect people to behave and be nice:

There is also the flagging feature in Discourse to allow the community to moderate inappropriate content.


Hi Dan my good friend.

This topic was brought to my attention as it was thought that you were referring to me in some of your comments about the ‘Sign for Peace in Palestine’ topic I started on the SketchUcation Corner Bar topic.

I started the topic with the genuine intention of trying to further the peace process in Gaza in some small way, not to facilitate “filth and hate , such as reposting of terrorist propaganda and anti-semetic trash” as you mention.

I was sorry to read (here) that you have turned off your Top SketchUcator badge and are cutting back time on SCF. This will be a great loss to the SCF.

As regards the Corner Bar. I feel, and many others also, that having such a platform is actually a good thing as it offers members an opportunity to express their general life observations, concerns and wishes also even tell a joke if so inclined.


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Hi guys,

This is primarily a forum for discussing issues that relate to SketchUp. That said, most successful forums include some kind of “off-topic” place where people can discuss anything they want with friends they have made on that forum. I don’t see any harm in that in itself. But let’s keep it clean and safe for people with alternative points of view.

I understand that people have passionately held opinions about all manner of things going on in the world, and I believe that the world is made a better place by airing those opinions out in public every now and then. If those opinions don’t relate to SketchUp or it’s user community in any clear way, however, there are surely better places to air them.

Thomas made reference to our FAQ, wherein strategies for maintaining a civil discourse are described. We’ll adhere to those here.


(Ps: welcome, Mike!)


Thanks John. Nice of you to welcome me.

I rather agree, but if you also, as many would, add sex to the list of no-no subjects, what is left?

My solution with the Corner bars has for years been to mostly ignore what’s there.


[quote=“Anssi, post:8, topic:709, full:true”]
My solution with the Corner bars has for years been to mostly ignore what’s there.[/quote]
I ordinarily do, and would have, except this “anti-Israel” topic was either “stickied” or first posted as an Announcement, by the Chairman of SketchUcation, using his Mayor account. So it was “in my face” and could not be ignored.

In the mentioned Corner bar there are more than 6496 topics with more than 75.000 posts. Most of the topics are very interesting (e.g. 3D printing before it becomes a category, must-see constent relating 3D like animations, CUDA-news, product comparisons, holiday wishes, funny pictures, …).
I won’t miss that Corner bar and just don’t read what I think might be displaced…