Copying faces with points slightly off plane how to correct this

I have a number of objects which I want to copy however, points on the face’s bounderies are slightly not in a flat plane. I want to have the object with points correctly in plane. In order to avoid a lot redeisgn work I try to redraw the faces boundery lines by tracing over the existing lines By doing so the new lines will also be slightly of plane. Is there a way to correct this so that points on the new lines are in plane?

There are many ways to go about solving your issue, but not seeing what it is you are trying to fix makes it difficult so suggest a solution.
There are various plugins that can make things planner.
You could intersect a plane with the model and get a planner edge that way.
You could use a section plane in a similar way and make group from slice…

So show us an example or a model and we could give a more concise answer.

In the picture below you the blue face which I cypied from the model below (with its boundery lines slightly off plane see the point at the lower right corner) by drawing the lines along the bottom face. The lines follow exactly the model and are also slghtly off plane,I want to avoid this. I only want to copy the shape with all the points exactly in the zero plane. Is this possible? Thanks for helping me

Can you add the model file itself. Looking at a screenshot isn’t conclusive.

KrommeRaill160-5, (2.1 MB)
In the attach you find the model file.

If the 4 vertices at the right end of the face are off plane, you can window Select just those vertices (points) and the use the MoveTool to “stretch” them back onto a plane.

But you might need to draw a working plane (a face inside a group.)
TIG has a WorkingPlane plugin to create these planar faces.

You need to join SketchUcation forums to download, but it is free.

Also ref topic thread:
:point_right: We have guide LINES. How about a guide PLANE?

I tried two ways:
One I drew a rectangular plane from the origin in the X-Y plane and used it as guide when, as you mentiond using the moving tool to stretch vertices into the plane which worked well. Thanks

Second not stretching the original model. I used the methode I learned in school by using discriptive geomtry which is easy in a 3D drawing programm. I used two copy’s of the original model one moved along the X-Axis and the other along the Y axis and started to copy the model from the origin by using the arrow buttons for the straight lines, as you can see in the picture.

The working plane from Tig to get was not so easy, as you need to log in but the hyperlink did not work. Later will try it again.