Finding mistake?

Hi Wonderful Sketchup Team,

First, thank you for being so helpful! I have a file (see attached) where a student drew on a face and is struggling to push pull it up because we can’t find where the lines don’t connect. Is there an easy way to detect this? Are the lines off the face?

andrew lid.skp (5.7 MB)

Look at the model in Front View Parallel projection. Many of the lines aren’t on the face.

I see @DaveR is replying too - he’ll have a fuller explanation of how to avoid this in future.

Selecting the edges of the outline and creating a group or component shows that it’s not flat. The bounding box has some thickness to it.

Close examination of the end points will reveal which one(s) are high.

Zooming in close with a low point of view will also show that. In SketchUp For Schools it will be a little tedious to fix.

I took the liberty of fixing the outline to make it flat and ready for Push/Pull. Note in Andrew’s model there’s some internal geometry which would be problematic for creating a solid object ready for printing. I deleted it from this model.

andrew lid fixed.skp (5.8 MB)

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As always, DaveR is correct and has already posted a fixed file so I’ll refrain from doing the same here. I will also note that it would be tricky to fix without extensions so I am grateful to have access to them and would have been happy to help you fix it with one had DaveR not already done so.

In the future, as you are making lines and arcs, try and remember to make sure that you are drawing on the same face as you draw them. If you do end up making a mistake, my favorite way to locate a line break in a simple shape without extensions is to start using the line tool to devide the shape up into smaller segments and then see if a face is generated as I “heal” it. If I am able to generate a face, then it is a good indication that the segment is good to go. Once I have several faces I can erase the lines connecting the segments and make sure they stick around. If they do, then I know I am on the right track. If they don’t stick around, then my shape has an issue in that area and now I know where to look.

I am so sorry I was delayed in my response! Thank you for your support! This is awesome!

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