Non-planer lines or faces issue

Hello All~

I’m a long time Sketchup user and over the last few months or more I’ve noticed this issue where I think I’m creating simple rectangular co-planer faces but somehow on very close inspection the lines seem to go askew and create an angled face. I’ve attached a video here. I hope you can see in the video where I’ve drawn construction lines across the top of this face frame and the face frame is straight except fore the last few inches.

Maybe somehow I am at fault and offsetting the faces in error but I’ve been using this program for probably 15 years and did not have this problem in the past. Has anyone else experienced this or am I just slipping? Very curious.


Hey Steve,

Any changes in your hardware? New mouse? Change to settings in Units like maybe Length snapping is enabled? It does seem odd that you are having problems after so much time “in type”.

Hi Dave!

I switched to a Mac maybe 2 years ago. Other than that no changes in hardware.
Here are my units settings:

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 10.38.21 AM.png

Not sure where @DaveR is, he might have stepped out to refill his coffee. I’ll tell you the same thing he will which is to uncheck “enable length snapping”. It’s of no practical use and is a well known culprit for potentially introducing tiny errors in your model. Keep it off.

Hard to tell from your video, it may be that your entire model is slightly out of plane from the axis and SketchUp is struggling to choose between drawing on axis and drawing on the plane you are referencing. If you can upload your model we could take a closer look at what’s going on.

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Ahhh! Good to know. I had no idea that was an issue. I’ll give it a try. Thanks!!!

Sorry. I was off working on a project for a client. (I’ve had a whole pot of coffee and fairly buzzing right now. :smiley: ) EF was right. Turn off Length Snapping. It’s getting in your way. Do that in your default template, too, and save as a new default template so you don’t have to remember it.

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Thanks Dave. Just did. I hope that solves the mystery. I thought I had a ghost in the machine. Cheers!

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I hope it helps, too. Maybe you do still have a ghost in the machine. Macs are weird sometimes. :wink: