Copying Dynamic components with linked attributes while maintaining a master component

I have been struggling to figure out a way to create multiple instances of a dynamic component in a way that:

I can edit the attributes of a master (one of the instances) and it should apply the edit to all the instances

The problem i have is that every copy i make turns out to be unique with no connection to its other instances

In the example, I would like to make multiple copies of the Vx_Floor component in the Voxel group

Living lab.skp (6.7 MB)

It is a limitation of the Dynamic component function that every change to attributes that changes the geometry in the component in other ways than scaling the whole creates a new component definition.
Another thing is that attribute information can only be transmitted within a component and its parts but not across to separate objects.

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Thank you Anssi!

If I may ask a follow up question,
lets say I have made multiple copies of the dynamic component in question.
Is there way to group them up and add an attribute which automatically performs a function such as SUM (lenx) of the instances within the group.

Have you considered the FaceArea formula to get the areas?
There a few tricks to make it work
the main ones is to use a material de-scaler and use redraw after rhe amendments
you can open the main component to copy, move edit the subs. Both the parent and sub can have their instance name change and it appears in the attribute and options dialog, you can label the subs to match the instance, although you need to redo the label if you change the instance name.
If you like this concept, I can show how it’s done, and improve it with more connectivity.

Amended to include report, fixed geometry face error
House Areas.skp (63.0 KB)

The Model is the first level, the DC options available at this level are level 2, as you see in the report

If you closed and save a file, then drop it into a clean file, you would be able to make a global set of attributes. The inserted file would be a component, then you can add attributes and options. When you then “saveas” this DC to overwrite the previously inserted file. Then when using the file as a normal component you cannot see its attributes or options, however they can still be accessed by any of the second level DCs.
Any DC can get data from any other on the same level.
No DC can send data, attributes can only READ data in the same level or one above or one below, otherwise you need to pass the parcel up or down the levels.
So can get data, but you do need to assure a correct path