Copying and pasting

I made a model of a 50"clamp(used in wood working) made it a component and assigned the model to a layer.
By copying and pasting this clamp and making the bar shorter I ended up with a 24" clamp., I made this a component as well and assigned it to a different layer.
When unchecking the short clamp in the list of layers the short clamp disappears. Checking it, the model comes back.
However if I uncheck the longer clamp in the layers list both the long and short bar clamps disappear.
I obviously didn’t do something right. Any comments?

try ‘right click’ >> ‘make unique’ on one of the two…
does that fix your issue?
if not can you add the skp file to you reply…

I could not make the smaller model unique.(I believe I did that already when I created the smaller one) But I just did make the model of the larger clamp unique, however that did not help.SU Clamp rack trial version.skp (212.1 KB)
Thanks for your help

The raw geometry of the 24" component is on the 50" layer, all raw geometry needs to be on layer0. Move it there and your layers will work properly.

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Thank you Box, I did get it to work by working in layer 0, although not initially. Eventually I got it right but don’t ask me how.
I am going to experiment within another drawing with some simple geometry.

I’m glad you got it sorted out. It sounds to me like you must have had the 50" layer active when you created the smaller clamp. Always keep Layer0 as the active layer.

Here is how to move the geometry just using the entity info window.

Hello Box. I know I didn’t change it using your obviously simpler method. And if I ever run into the same problem again, that’s the way to go. Thanks again.