Copy the exterior faces or shell of a building for use in a 3D campus map

Just need the exterior shell of buildings to create a campus map including 70 buildings, roads, sidewalks, etc.
Is there a way to isolate just the exterior faces to save on space?

Su pro has a set of solid tools but probably what you want is the shell
which is also part of the free version. There is some criteria the model must meet to use that function. I doubt the models you have existing meet that.
Often it is the use of materials driving up model size and the geometry is a second order driver.
Can you post the model of one of the buildings you want to convert. and the geo location of the campus ?
One of the quick checks I do is to remove all materials from a model, before after size checks can then give you a idea what the size driver is.
There are programs other than SU having ambient occlusion filters that may aslo help.

There is the Outer Shell tool, but it requires that all the objects that you include in its selection set are “solids”.


Thanks for your response. There just isn’t an easy solution.
Have a great day.

Thanks for your response. The files I’m working with are generated by either Revit or AutoCAD. I don’t think there is an “easy” solution for this that would cut down on the time needed for the project. I’m going to explore how 3d print files are constructed to see if there is an opportunity there. If not—time to roll up our sleeves.
Thanks again,

There are a number of very good modelers on this site but, when you stove pipe yourself and are not willing to post your model so they have some thing specific to work with then you are not taking advantage of their knowledge base from years of helping folks.
Here is info for you MeshLab Stuff: How to remove internal faces with MeshLab

Thanks for your response and I would gladly post the models if they were soley my work and not someone else’s proprietary product. I sincerely do appreciate your offer to help as you already have with the link.
Thanks again.

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