Copy creating Duplicate DCs with Selection Toys?

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I’ve noticed this for a long time but I’ve worked around it but I figured it was because of revit. Sometimes things duplicate when converting - stairs are the main perpetrator.

Anyways. I’ve been struggling with this today because I’m out of time lol

I’m replacing a lot of the components with DC’s that I’ve built or managing the components manually in order to slim the file size down from 800+ MB from Revit. Anyways. I have both in SketchUp - the Revit export and my slim file. However when using the “Select All Instances” and copying into the slim file it creates duplicates. I can delete the instance in the Revit export file and it’s not duplicated. However when I hit the hotkey (context menu does it too) it shows double the correct number in the Component’s tray. Here’s some screenshots.



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This is a result of Copy, not the Selection set (and no fault of TT’s Selection Toys.)

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I can manually select the objects and when I copy them into the new file they’re the correct number of instances - it only occurs whenever I use the plugin - and even then for only certain instances from the Revit conversion. Doors, Windows, Lights, most of them will copy over to a blank file with duplicated copies of themselves when I use the plugin. I’m using a Naga mouse with one of the buttons set to “Select All Instances” so it’s possible that there’s been an update and maybe it’s duplicating somewhere.

I’ll screen record it to better explain the issue.

Ah okay. Sometimes DCs contain nested instances that are hidden and should only show when certain DC attributes are set according to their design.

So you perhaps you should not blindly select all instances to copy ?

Ie, perhaps it’s using the DefinitionList to select instances ? Is there a way you can only select instances at a the active editing level (ie, geometric context) ?

Yes there is a native way.
Enter the geometric context you want (which could be the top level model.)
In the Components inspector, choose the “In Model” collection (the house button.)
Within the “In Model” collection, right-click the definition of the component you wish to copy, and choose “Select instances” from the context menu.
Then do your Copy and paste operation.

Report back if this works as intended.

Sorry - I’m trying to upload a file that’s small enough for the forum lol

I’m replacing them in my cleaned up and optimized version so the duplication appears to be plugin or file specific. I will test on a blank file and see if we can weed out the plugin though.

Before you open “heavy” files, set the Components inspector panel to “List” mode so no thumbnails are generated.

The gif size is smaller than a postage stamp.

Okay I’ll move the topic back and ping @thomthom.

Here’s an updated file. Sorry for the tech issues. This video is scaled to 720p so hopefully it still works. You’ll notice that when I copy manually the objects remain un-duplicated. It’s when I use the plugin that the instance count doubles. If I do any action after that the duplicated items remain in the file.

So I start with 168 lights in the file. When I use the plugin that goes to 336 and if I copy or group them they are now permanently duplicated until I hit Ctrl+Z.

Hopefully this makes more sense now.

Here’s another video of my testing it out in a blank file. I guess this means it’s file specific but I don’t know what would cause the issue with Revit converted files…

I’m looking at Selection Toys v 2.3.9.

It has a special set of selector commands for DC Instances as opposed to normal (non-dynamic) instances.

Are you using the DC Instances commands or one for normal instances ?

In the file you just use the native manual selection, copy and paste in place.

Also you cannot check the number of instances in one SketchUp process with the Entity Info in the original application process. (You seemed to do so using the mouse.) You’d need to open Entity Info in the second SketchUp process.

I noticed that as well but up until my bringing it up, using the Normal selectors works for both DC’s and non-DC’s. I’ve also paid a bit more attention and I’ve noticed that in my optimized file, when selecting DC’s or other components with the plugin it does NOT duplicate stuff.

It appears to only occur in these Revit conversions. Maybe the Family differences or something is throwing the plugin off? We convert these large scale Athletic complexes all the time now and I’m the main Revit/SketchUp guy here so I’ve been trying to nail down a better way to do this… replacing everything makes it run smoother but it takes a lot longer… But I can’t very well give the other designers an 800 MB sketchup file and expect them to run it on their laptops…

Do you have a small example model to inspect?

So in the videos I use the same process for both. Not sure what the confusion is. I’ve converted another Revit file in the last day that didn’t as many issues. Sometimes it created duplicates and other times it didn’t. Not really sure how that works. But I can send you the file privately if you want TT.

I love your plugins, and I didn’t want to stir anything up. I just can’t nail down why it’s happening lol

Yes please, I’m also not sure what’s happening and having a concrete example to examine would help greatly.