Copy and Paste gave up on Layout

After Copying and pasting components from SU to LO all day, LO stopped showing any components. The background is visible, but no components. I can grab some components (from other files), but not others? They are all drawn the same, in the same file, layer, style, view, etc. Used the same ruby to generate shop drawings for all the previous ones. Some of the previous ones that had worked are now either not showing up when pasting or only parts of the component show.

Any chance of sharing the LO file? It would be easier to help sort out the problem with something to look at it. You could share it privately if you don’t wish to make it public.

Life is better in LayOut if you insert them instead of copy / paste. If you insert, LayOut will let you know when things are out of date, update automagically for you, etc…

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I never understood the insert.? It seems to be a huge process every time. Is there a way to insert into an already open LO file, as easy as copy and paste?

Sorry for my ignorance, how do i share a file, private. This also seems to maybe an issue with SU as I have no problems with other files

Insert is certainly not a huge process and yes, you can insert into an already open LO file.

If you want to share it privately, I’ll send you my e-mail address via a private message.