Cookie embosser

Hi guys. I’m really new here and trying to make a simple cookie embosser/ stamp but was wanting to use a jpg of the design I want. I’m so confused. Is this possible. I only got my printer a day ago but I have not managed to get along with sketch up yet. The image below is something like I want to make

There may be ways but there’s an elephant in the room. Why do you want to use a 3D surface modelling package to do it?

It is very possible to make a stamp like that for 3D Printing, however making lettering like that in Sketchup is fairly advanced. You could trace the jpg in sketchup using a variety of tools, you could use an image editor to capture the edges and make a smooth set of curves and import that, you could look at the 3D text fonts that are available within sketchup and choose one of them, you could use a bitmap to mesh extension, but that will be fairly pixelated.

Basically it is all possible but I would start with some simpler object to get the hang of both sketchup and the printer itself. There is quite a learning curve to both. Simply understanding what a printer is capable of informs what you design in Sketchup.

It’s a good idea to start here to get the fundamentals under your belt.

As Box wrote, it is possible to do in SketchUp but it’s not a beginner’s job. You need to learn how to use the tools and starting as he suggested is a good idea.

Your profile is confusing because you indicate you have a version that doesn’t exist. The version you have is important to identifying how you would do it. Although it’s not quite ready for 3D printing, I managed to get something that probably looks close to what you want. I expect in reality there needs to be a bit of draft so the thing won’t get stuck in the cookie or the icing. Maybe it also needs some holes to prevent a vacuum. To do this at all efficiently requires the use of some extensions but you need to also have a good understanding of how to use the native tools first.