Cookie cutter 3D printing design is't working, help!

inparents.skp (351.5 KB)

I have made a cookie cutter design, and tried printing it quite a few times via the Flux Delta machine. However, the empty space within the cutter gets filled up, why does this happen, what did I do wrong?

The printer is setup with Raft on, Support off, and when I previewed the model in the printer software, they look to be alright.


IT’s not solid and you have reversed faces that need to be corrected.

This one should be printable. Inspect it carefully and compare it to yours.
inparents.skp (171.2 KB)

I’m curious about how you drew this to wind up with so much bad geometry.

Thank you so much, I’ll study your file.
I imported vector design of the shape, and cleaned it up in sketchup.
It’s been ages since I touched 3D modeling, and still having a hard time getting them right.

I been searching online but couldnt quite figure out how to make it solid? is this correct:
lines -> make face -> as long as all sides covered by faces, it’s a solid?

Not quite. The simple way to look at it is that every edge must be shared by exactly two faces. No more. No less. When you make a group or component of the geometry, SketchUp should report it as solid.

Proper face orientation is critical, too so only white faces should be visible on the solid.

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Thank you so much Dave!

Hi Dave, here’s another more complicated one… I made sure all faces are white, but still, it printed with the empty space all filled up? Please help. Thanks a lot.

oovi_beaver.skp (970.6 KB)

You should get Solid Inspector2 from the Extension Warehouse. It makes it easier to identify problems and it’ll fix some of them.

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thank you so much!

As @DaveR says - every edge must have two faces - no fewer, no more.

SoildInspector² reports:

stray-edges [edges with no faces]
surface-borders [edges with just one face - e.g. perimeters of surface holes or flaps/ledges]
internal-face-edges [edges with three or more faces - e.g. belonging to internal partitions, floors etc]

it will also reported reversed faces [none in your example]

To see inside the form cut a section - then you’ll see that there are an internal faces - forming ‘floor-plates’ and ‘partition-walls’.
Select them and press delete.

As we as SolidInspector² there’s my SolidSolver which deals with issues slightly differently…
Because you have ‘intersecting’ geometry it tries to fix that too.
In your case it fails !
Try manually selecting and intersecting all of the geometry, then manually tidying what you can - e.g. delete internal faces…
You’ll have some issues because not all geometry cleanly intersects !
I suspect that the original CAD outline was not ‘watertight’.

Sorry to say - you will find it quicker [i.e. more practicable] to start again - making good faces from the 2d line work and extruding carefully - deleting internal partitions etc as you go, step-by-step…

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Reversed faces were always an issue for me in the beginning…I just thought it was annoying that some were gray…I had no idea that was what was causing problems with printing. Great explanation, @DaveR.

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