Convex geometry

Hi there!

I’m attempting to create convex geometry and am not sure what is the best way to go about it.

To be specific, I am trying to model the hood component to a cast iron fireplace insert.

My stab at it was to create a frame and use Curviloft - skin from contours which has worked okay but doesn’t really give the desired “bulge” to the convex element of the hood.

I’m thinking combining a flat plane with a hemisphere, intersecting faces and erasing unwanted geometry may work but was wondering if any of you SketchUp wizards out there have an efficient solution and/or have modeled something similar before?

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Sandbox > Smoove

Vertex Tools

Bezier Surface


Three different solutions in one, I love it.

It seems I was overthinking it and not utilising the plethora of tools and other extensions available.

Thanks for helping me out.