Converting SketchUp to DWG file

When converting over SketchUp to DWG will it cut off this overlap when converted over to DWG? Would like to keep it overlapped because it needs a locking minor joints

It looks like it cut it off

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As for your question, I don’t see an overlap…

I wasn’t trying to double post I Thought the first one didn’t go through for some reason

Cut what off?

The overlapping corners

This doesn’t look to have overlapping corners

It looks the same as your SketchUp model. Did you model tabs on the front or side panel?

They look the same but I’m not sure if it left the corners overlapping So when it’s cut out by CNC, I can use a locking minor joint to join the corners

Can you explain what you mean by this?
Sorry, English is not my native tongue…

I mean the finished product will not look like this it will have a mitre joint in the corner that’s why I need them overlapping And I want the extra material for the minor joint cut

So the miter will be made after CNC? In that case you should indeed have overlapping corners.
You should be able to see it better when you move the front away from the sides (towards you) but there are no lines on top of the sides which indicates that they do not overlap!

Edit: Those 2 lines are not visible because the sides are sloping up…

Yes the mitre joints will be cut after the CNC process think I got it to show better thanks again for your help much appreciated.

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I think I’m good thanks again for your help

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