Converting model into a dwg plan view


I am curious if I can take a model and convert it into a dwg. Right now I have a model of an outdoor kitchen, and I have it in top view, paralllel projection. I use a cad program called Autosketch 10, and I can take dwg’s and convert them into my system. I would like to export this model, hopefully scalled, to a dwg template. Right now I am getting other lines going with it, and it is not exporting it in a scaled format. If anyone could take me through the steps to do this, if it is even possible, I would appreciate it. Thank you.


Autosketch® 10 is a 2D application.
Your mention of “other lines” sounds like you’re exporting a 3D DWG from SketchUp

Camera > Standard Views > Top
Camera > Parallel Projection
File > Export > 2D Graphic … the Export 2D Graphic dialog appears

In the Export 2D Graphic dialog:
Set the Export Type: AutoCAD DWG File (*.dwg)
Click the Options Button to set scale and other important export settings.


Thank you Geo. For the most part, it does work. I am seeing items, in this case, inside the grill (almost looks like an x-ray image). I can clean those up