Converting metric component to inches


This must be simple but Ive searched and cant find the answer. I downloaded a file that is metric and I want to use some components but they must be converted to inches. How do I do this?


Window/Model info/Units.
Then choose Architectural (for Feet and Inches) or Fractional for Inches and fractional inches, or Decimal, then select the precision you want.

All that changes is the displayed size. SketchUp ALWAYS stores lengths internally in inches, with a floating point precision of approximately 1/1000th inch.

However, if the components were not drawn full size, you might need to rescale them using the Scale tool, then R-click, Scale Definition.


THANK YOU john, that was it. SImple of course but I really did search. I just got a lot of posts that were not yours. I did learn other things though. Way cool.


Glad that did the trick for you. Even if the answer is already there, you don’t always know the word(s) to search for it.


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