Converting IFC SketchUp to native Tekla


Hi DJ - we have recently started working on an ambitious structural steel extension for SketchUp. It’s far from being ready to test but if you sign up by clicking the link below, you can get more news on the development. We’ll also be reaching out to our list to get their input on what features they want in this plugin. If there is enough demand, we would definitely look into creating a link between SketchUp and Tekla.

Sign up here if you are interested in a Structural Steel Plugin for SketchUp. We will be leaking out more info about this project in the coming months. Stay tuned!

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Hi Dale and thx for the info, I’m impatient to test it :smile:… I’m not only working on Structural steel and I’ve already contacted your team to talk about TEKLA and PB last year when I bought PB3 :wink:… PB to TEKLA would be great!!! I Stay tuned and if you want to contact me about this… You’re welcome!

Best regards

Ah! Yes, I looked up your ticket from last November. You had spoken to Brian. Well, hopefully with our plugin, you won’t even need Tekla…OK, now I’ve said too much :wink:

(Don’t forget to sign-up above)


I’ve already signed up before my preceding post :blush: wow… And hello to Brian! :wink:

HI John… What about your week? Good news maybe?


HI Dale,

I’ve talked about SU and PB with a friend who has a steel construction company … He worked with TEKLA for 20 years… And can be added to the list of interested persons by link between SU and TEKLA :wink:

Cool thanks!

Hopefully we don’t need Tekla in the design but many partners use Tekla and so we definitely need a link between Sketchup and Tekla.

@IA6598 @Whaat
:smile:… Cool, one more…we have just to ask :+1:… And all tekla users are nor there​:wink:

Have a nice day!

You guys already know about the basic linking in place between SketchUp and Tekla, right?

Hi John! Yes, you’re right :wink:

For model of reference… And I use trimble connect too… But skp as model of reference can’t be converted as tekla native objects. :pensive:

Something new from your trip in Finland? :grinning:


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And Items?
SketchUp to Tekla - Use cases 2.pdf (1.9 MB)

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Hi Jack,

I use also items… But it’s still not native profiles… Use full as items but limited for me.


Dale? Something new :grinning: with PB or your new tool? :+1:

Sorry, nothing to report yet. But I am watching this thread.

Thx Dale ! you’re the Best ! :smiley:

Or just concentrate on a ifc exporter for profiles in PB4

I’d like to hear more about the work you’re hoping to be able to do with this feature. I understand the argument for having a Tekla model available as a reference object in SketchUp (and vice versa, having a SketchUp model referenced in Tekla); why do you want per-object recognition as native profiles? What job are you trying to do?

Reading your comments to date, it is clear this is something you want to be able to do, but it isn’t clear why you want to be able to do that.


I’m not @djoseph, but I think that basically quite many SketchUp users and BIM users in general dream of applications working better together, including transferring data in editable form. A pipe dream, perhaps. I am not expecting better Revit/Archicad integration very soon.
For Tekla the situation is perhaps different, as it is a specialist tool for structural engineering. People using it have a need to take in information from many different sources, and hope that they won’t need to always build everything again from scratch, whether using an imported 3D template or not.


Basically, a true ifc exporter…

I don’t know about true; I think what you want is to use IFC to transfer editable parametric models. Which isn’t what IFC was designed to do. IFC is a destination format, not an exchange format.

This is a different case, and much closer to the one I expected. This sounds like you want to be able to model in SketchUp with a Tekla model available for context?