Converting a PDF to DWG


I’m very new to Sketchup I have just complete my diploma and I have drawn plans for a salon I’m currently working on however they have requested it in a DWG file? I have googled so much and nothing seems to be working, I have downloaded a number of links however it displays in code and text form? Thank you

How did you draw these plans? In SketchUp?

Depending how you’ve created the plan it might be that you could export a .dwg from SketchUp or do it from LayOut.

What does this mean? What links what is displaying in code and text form?

Hi Dave, thank you for your reply. I have drawn into Sketchup and imported to Layout. Then saved as a PDF. I had tried exporting from layout into a DWG however it was all black and half was missing. I have tried apps like DWG converter, Able2Extract and Bluebeam however they all display in text form


There must be something wrong with your file, if you share it, it will make it a lot easier for anyone to give you a solution. On the other hand you can convert pdf’s to dwg on autocad, if you don’t have autocad I suggest you yo use Qcad, the pro version has the option to convert pdf to dwg, and the cost of the pro license is 35 dollars.

You do not state who has asked for dwgs. Are you OK to release info in dwg format rather than say pdf. Think some authorities in world ask for dwgs as well as consultants. Might mean someone can edit dwg without your knowledge. Often common to issue info in dwg (or other live format) with a pdf to ensure recipient gets reference copy to check what is show in dwg is same as in pdf.