Converting a materials square tile to rectangular

Hello. I recently downloaded an sample tile image which is 12"x12". My goal is to edit so that it is a 6"x48" tile. I tried editing the texture by changing the dimensions which worked but I’d like the tiles to be staggered. Hopefully that is understandable.
Anyone have any thoughts?

Staggered or weaved tiling cannot be done with default tiling of the texture.

You can manually stagger them by making a component to array (just like staggering each brick)

Or, use bitmap editor such as photoshop to create something that contains the arrangement of the tile (more than one) and seamlessly tiled.
(you can search this on google “how to make brick texture in photoshop”)
Texture will be something like this:

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Ok, great!. Both make sense. Thank you for your guidance.