Convert .skp file of small plywood box product to .step

Been working on a product design project and my client wants/needs a .step file of the entire .skp model to import into Autodesk Inventor. I have done a bit of research and can find no solutions that do not entail me purchasing another piece of software.

Wondering if there is anyone who does this process on a more frequent basis who would be willing to do the conversion for me for an agreed upon price.

DM’s are fine if you have the skills.

I do not have experience… just an idea: :thinking:

I guess Autodesk Inventor can import .obj or .ifc files directly, did you tried to export these format from SU?

No…I did not. but now I will. thanks!

Still interested in talking to someone about this so don’t be shy if you have the skills

There are several ways of exporting other 3d file formats from your SKP - e.g. STL, OBJ files etc.
Then there are several free online tools which will take that as an input and convert it to a STEP file for you ??

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do you have some links to some of the online tools?

Just use Google effectively…

You may find this thread helpful: SKP to IGES or STEP (for metal fabrication)
FreeCAD is available here:

Just thoughts: Have you tried plain DWG? SketchUp solids, when exported as 3D DWG, register as solids in AutoCad. Doesn’t Inventor support AutoCad solids?

Many people driving machinery via STEP export DXF files then convert to STEP in proprietary software. You may want to talk with you client to see what file formats they can import.

Haven’t looked into what Inventor imports, but it would stand to reason that an AutoDesk product would import .dwg or .dxf files. Will look into that one. Thanks

My client is the product design house and his client is the manufacturer and I think it might be as you say. They are importing into their machine software or similar and want to push code to the machine. Seems like they are used to .step files for that machine code generation and want that file type to ease their process.

I think @Anssi might have the right answer by doing a 3D dwg export. thanks for the comment.