Converting SKP to STP


I have a vendor who is requesting my model as an STP file. Is it possible to convert SKP to STP?


I did a quick online check - it may be possible to export .skp as .obj and then to .stp

Online 3D Converter

Another forum mentioned fusion 360 for conversion - I haven’t tried these myself though.

3D hubs forum - likely to explain a solution


You can use Viacad 2D/3D for this:


I tried this, all was going well, and when it came time to download my STP file all I got was a blank html page. Do you think my options settings when exporting as OBJ has anything to do with it? I unchecked Export Texture Maps as instructed.


I’m on a Mac. Looks like this is only available for Windows.


It is also for Mac:

edited link


This link just downloads a blank html page.


try again


That worked. But I’m not seeing STP as an export option.


change .step to .stp if you wish, or just leave as .step and try again. they are basically the same


I’m not understanding. I’m getting a dropdown menu of export format options, and none of the options are STEP or STP (see attached).


I am not near a mac, right now, it might be trial-version related

these are the export possibilities:

EDit: I had my version installed with optional powerpack package, I am not sure if comes with a trial.