STP file generation

I have yet to purchase SketchUp because I do not know if it is what I need… although it looks like it could be! This is what I want to do (on a Mac);

  1. Import Ordnance Survey vector & raster data from QGIS
  2. Crop a map area
  3. Produce 3D elevation of the map area
  4. Export data as a stp file

Is this possible… and relatively easy?

For general information, read this chapter in the User Guide:

There is no native STP exporter in SketchUp Pro.
You may need to install a STP export extension (which might not be free.)

Or you can export to another format, and use an external utility or application to do the final conversion to STP.

Perfect Dan
I must jump in…without the details… I have looked into this,
and it seems not a pretty picture… I have months of spectacular 3Ds
that I can “in and out” of various software to get to .STEP .STP files,
but I have no way of knowing if they are complete. Do you know of a formula that is reliable for complex models?
Seems I am shooting from the hip. The design engineers did not respect my exported .DXF 3Ds.
any thoughts?
Thank You Roto

I do not know what you are trying to say here.

Instead of using multiple metaphors, I suggest to just use concise correct language.

Nor do we, as we can not examine them.

A formula to do WHAT with complex models ? (You are not clear with what you really need or want.)

But you do not say why or what they did not “respect” ?

If you have specific questions about specific models (skp or dxf) or whatever, please start a new topic, and attach purged model file(s) to the new topic. This topic thread is about the process of generating / exporting to STP (STEP) format. (Not about examining, fixing or critiquing your specific model library.)

Understood, Thanks Dan