Convert lines into square or trapezoid tubes

I’ve been tasked with modelling the extensive tunnel layout of a very large mine for an installation. The labyrinth of tunnels is vast but I do have the layout of the tunnels as lines. I wondered if there was a way to convert the lines into square or, ideally, trapezoid section extrusion?

I have the tunnel section modelled as a trapezoid shape (tunnel hollow) with a 300mm wall thickness and ideally would like to have this as the extrusion for all the tunnels.

I’ve tried Lines to Tubes but this only converts to tube shape and without any further options. I’ve also tried CLF Perp to line then Follow Me but this is taking literally days to do. Is there maybe another extensions which would convert the lines into a trapezoid shape?

Maybe Profile Builder 3 would answer.

Thanks Dave. I do know of PB and it’s capabilities but as it’s a paid extension and something I won’t use again I was hoping there might be a free (or very cheap) extension.

There are 3 other options I can think of off the top of my head.
Lines 2 Tubes
Lines to Components
Pipe along Path