"Lines to Tube" with Squares


I’ve recently created a complex lattice structure on a building glass roof. “Lines to Tube” was such a huge help as all lines become tubing, unlike Follow Me which stops at intersecting lines.

However, now I wonder if it’s possible to create square tubing instead of circular tubing. Of course the precision could be lowered to 4 to make it a square. The problem is, the profile will be a 45 degree rotated square, like a rhombus.

Is there such plugin or an idea to make this possible?


Have you looked at Profile Builder?

There are 2 versions, a free one and Profile Builder 2 which has a fee. If this case, the free version might accomplish what you want.


It might be possible, if the Ruby code isn’t encrypted, to make a small modification to rotate the profile, and draw a polygon instead of a circle, so you don’t have to unsoften the edges.

PipeAlongPath IS unencrypted, but I don’t think it can handle branching paths.

Could you contact the author of Lines to Tubes, and ask them?

On my phone, so can’t easily look myself just now


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