Control + Move to Copy & Paste - Pasting Object Multiple Times

Whenever I use the Control+Move function to copy and paste an object, the control function keeps sticking and pasting the object multiple times. The little plus mark next to the cursor stays there and I have to hit Control again to make it go away so that I don’t keep pasting the item whenever I just try to move it. I’m still able to work, but it is interrupting my workflow so I’d like to know if there is a way to make the control+move command function the way that it used to (only pastes the object while I’m holding the control key down)

Yes. That’s how it works now with the latest release of Sketchup 2021.

Read the release notes to see what else has changed.

Well dang, that sucks lol

Watch this - it explains most of the changes, but also read the release notes Dave R linked to.

Thank you!