Continuous line doesn't divide faces

I’m working with a model of a stator, in the lamination I have and internal edge that should separate both surfaces so i can remove the inner one, the inner line is continuous (see image) but for some reason it doesn’t separate the surface, any thoughts?

Could you attach the model so we can check.

But this often happens, how small is it?
A couple of standard fixes.
Select all of it and right click and choose ‘Intersect Faces with Selection’.
Or trace one segment of the line with the pencil tool.

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Thanks for your support,
It’s the first time that happens to me, the model has 32.46" OD is, and I made sure that the circles have 120 lines for accuracy,

I tried this,

And perfectly worked, thanks a lot!

Stator.skp (333.9 KB)

Even though the blue line appears to be unbroken, there may be some very small gap(s) somewhere. You might try zooming in very close and searching all the various corners - boundaries between lines and arcs - for tiny gaps.

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