Content do not show when importing ifc file to sketchup

Hi there!
I´ve got a file made in Revit and exported as an ifc-file. When I import it to sketchup the model is not visible, but when i look in the outliner I can see it is groups with content there. I tried to zoom to extent but only a bounding box is showing, with nothing visible in it. Is there a way to find and view the content?

Are imported tags turn on? Or do you have tags turned off?
Is the imported model very far from the origin?
Other settings for style other than the default?

The tags are turned on and the style is set to standard.

The file is too big to share, 84 MB but this is what it looks like

From the presented image, you can think that the model can be on the left, and at a very great distance, on the right, there is other geometry (maybe just a line) and that is why it is not visible. Or maybe only the axes are at Origin and the model is very far away (to the right).
You can check these in your model.

unfornately, I dont have access to the original model in Revit, an architect sent the ifc file to me. Is there a way to clean the model from eventual content that is far from the model in sketchup? It also says that the model is not geolocated.

It is possible that there is no need to access the original model in Revit.
When you have imported the IFC file, it appears in SketchUp as a component.
I gave you two possible examples, if it’s the first option, then you can edit the component and delete what’s on the right, and then zoom extents and see if your model appears. If not, then undo and delete what is on the left and see if the model appears. For the second, move the axes to the model.

Thank you for help!
Now the model appears, because i deleted the default person standing near the axes before I imported the ifc file

The model has probably been exported using global coordinates (survey point) instead of project coordinates (model origin). This is generally not a good idea. 3D applications (including Revit) tend to malfunction when models are located far from the model origin. In the case of surveyed map coordinates, the distance from the model to the origin may become thousands of kilometers.

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