Constraining lines and rectangles to a plane?


As my model gets more complex, lines and rectangles jump to various points, not staying along the intended plane.

I know this must be basic, but how can I conturing these elements?


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Just constraining to a plane: no.

Constraining to the plane of a face: yes.

  • Select (for instance) the ‘Line’ tool
  • hover over a face (till you see cursor inference “On Face”) > press and hold [Shift] to constrain to the plane of that face while drawing.


And if you are not making elements of your model into components or groups as you go, you will find editing later becomes impossible.

Follow the guidance in Help on using components, and the meaning and use of Layers, which is very different in SU from their use in other CAD programmes or in Photoshop etc.


Will Caps Lock work to constrain on a face until you unlock it?

Guilty as charged re components and groups and layers.


Use the Down Aaron Key: