Constrain linear dimension to axis?

Anyone know how can I constrain the linear dimension tool to the global horizontal and vertical axis? I am trying to enter a dimension between two guide lines and I can’t seem to get the linear dimension tool to constrain to global axis…

if it’s a measurement of a component, open it for editing before snapping. I have noticed since the 2017 v. certain diagonally positioned components, the dims behave oddly I found resetting local axis seems to help.

I don’t think you can actually constrain the orientation the way you can with most of the drawing tools (that might be a good feature request). It’s generally a matter of what direction you move the mouse as you create the dimension, which can admittedly be quite “fiddly”. If you try you will see the dimension snap to various directions depending on mouse movement. Orbiting the direction of the camera can help.

After placing a dimension you can still rotate it.
(Select it > click pivot (hold Lmouse button down) > drag to set the axis of rotation > release Lmouse button > click start of rotation angle > click target of rotation angle)
This way you can often match its direction with the direction you would have liked it to be in the first place.

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