Constantly logged out

I’ve been a happy Sketchup user for years. Even more so recently with how fast I can model in Sketchup and move into TwinMotion for final visualizations.

BUT recently I CONSTANTLY find that when I try to launch Sketchup and/or open a model with Sketchup it tells me I don’t have an authorization token…that I’m logged out. I go to my account tab and it shows that I’m logged in. So I log out and log back in again and then it “connects to all things Sketchup” . It’s super frustrating. Would love any advice/help to stop this from happening. It’s particularly frustrating if I’m ever offline without access to the web. Basically means I can’t use the software I’ve paid for and that I use all the time to model. Help please.

You need to sign out in SketchUp, not in the browser.
So, in SketchUp, go via [menu] Help > Sign out and then quit SketchUp.

Then restart and sign in