Connecting lines

I am a landscape designer trying to connect sinous pathways that I have created from different line tools such as the two point arc and free hand. I have read through other threads but the solutions offered such as weld and cleanup extensions are not working. Can someone offer a viable solution to mend long lines from poathways together?

Weld won’t join edges with gaps or forks. Zoom in on the ends of curves or lines and look closely to see which you have. There are some extensions that can fix some of those but in my experience, they fail as often as they work.

Weld works great for me. My background is in Landscape Architecture and I’m familiar with the process. I often use the ‘Path Copy’ extension to place trees, lights etc - therefore I need my various lines to be connected and continuous.

Feel free to upload a model of the lines that are giving your problems so we can rule out things like @DaveR mentioned (…gaps, etc).

Do you mean something like this? “s4u Connect”

As has been said, zoom in close.
Then, skillful use of the Move tool and Inference Locking when applicable.

SketchUp Sage > Tweaking Tool Tips > Move Tool

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