Condo interior



Working on a little staging for the rendering such as the fruit bowl.

Rendered with Raylectron with a night sky blue environment image and a static sky image.


Not familiar with Raylectron


It is fairly basic (it does have some key features such as environment image facility) with a homely interface, but it very intuitive.

You can find it in the SU extension warehouse.

I mostly use Raylectron for concept development - this render was only run for 4 frames.


Another view. The lighting is a bit dull, my renderer has only 8-bit output which limits the brightness of scenes.


Can’t tell from a distance, but are you actually modeling the floor tile joints, or are they a part of the texture applied in the render?


Good question. The tiles are modelled, which helped in designing the hallway, etc.

There is no significant impact on model creation time or model MB’s.


Formica texture is scaled unrealistically large. I recommend dropping it 4-5x smaller.


I used the same texture on the exterior, where I needed that scale and so far I have avoided creating a unique interior version. I do run into complications occasionally when I have 2 or more variations of a texture and I am swapping components in and out of models.

Probably best if I create something completely different for the interior.

I was interested to see on ArchDaily, a sintered stone manufacturer (Neolith) displaying a product similar to this but in darker tones.


Replaced texture in question.

Another view of kitchen island/living room media centre, dividing the spaces.

A few strange rendering anomalies.


Elevation view of kitchen island/media centre with a few refinements.