Compound curve hip rafter on a irregular pitch roof

Hi guys, thanks for the help other day when I was trying to get the corner of the two roof planes to come together.
So thru your help I was able to rough in the shape for the irregular hip roof with curved planes. Now we have the shape of the structure I am trying to plot out the framing members of the roof. Starting with the hip rafters of the upper section. I included in the model attached,the sketches of the roof, just a line drawing to work from.

I copied the line from the corner as this is the center line of the hip rafter representing the crest of the ridge cut on the hip rafter. It would seem since irregular slope pitches with curved roof planes, the ridge of the hip rafters are compound curves.
I am having some difficulty creating a profile that follows the compound curve. To start , I created a square perpendicular to a segment of the curve and used follow me.

No attachment.

The follow me tool has difficulties with maintaining alignment over curved paths.

@Eneroth3 has an extension Upright Extruder 1.2.1. (you can search other examples on the forum of that extension in action).

Please update your profile so we know which version of SketchUp you are using.

To clarify further: follow-me has trouble with non-planar curves. Because of the way the tool tries to miter the segments together, it causes the profile to twist along such paths.

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