Components sketchup for school


Problem with component : personnage
We use sketchup for school. We find lady nude!


…and suddenly nobody wants to see the skp


I expect you are referring to components from the 3D Warehouse. The only way you can prevent them from showing up on your students’ screens is to limit their access to the Warehouse.

Have you seen those components? They’re nothing to get excited about. :slight_smile:


I thought he was talking about one of the metric templates o_O


Thank you for tour answer.
It was effectly in3Dwarehouse
Excuse for my englsih
I am a teacher from france (Europe)
The lady wear with string and for a school product it’s difficult
My student have threetenn year old.
It is possible to block some research in 3D Warren housse ?
They look for « personnage » in french people.
Thank a lot


Underneath our cloths we are all naked. I think it’s better to teach the students to not use nude components as it makes their work look unprofessional, than trying to limit the search results.

That said I think the end user agreements prohibits downright pornographic material in the warehouse. If that’s the case you can report the model.


I am agree with you but i don’t shure that all the parents of my students think the same.
you said :slight_smile:"If that’s the case you can report the model"
that i want to do
thank you for the answers


How can i do it?


There a link called “Report abuse” in the bottom right corner of the page in 3D Warehouse.


Also check this new extension:


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