Component Option/Component Attributes Windows on macOS

Component Option/Component Attributes Windows able to glue with others Tool Windows such as Tags,Components,Style etc.

There are plenty of times when I use Component Option to change parameter of Dynamic Components. It would be great if we could easily fold and unfold window like all others tool windows.

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Bart R.

I’m on Windows…but:

If I understand correctly, you want these windows to be “stacked” to the rest of dialog boxes. (similar to Trays on Windows).

The situation is that the Component Option / Component Attributes Windows (called dialog boxes on MAC) are installed as a part of Extension (Dynamic Components) and therefore they are not part of the “integrated” user interface.

As far as I know, due to the limitation of the Ruby API, stack to other dialog boxes on MAC (or dock to the Tray on Windows) is not possible currently.

On a Mac, there are native dialog boxes that don’t stack as well, such as the materials browser. It’s a bit annoying.

Yea, they somehow used or modified the “native color picker” (or whatever it is called) on MAC so the integration is also as it is… :blush:

Thank you for your answer “dezmo” I appreciate it. That explains why things behave that way.

Dynamic Components are very powerful tools to customise your work flow and downgrade size of your model.

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And Fonts and Shadows and…

Sure Bartek, your idea should be taken into consideration… and maybe one time the extension developers get this feature to be integrated to Ruby API too. :innocent:

Yeah sometimes they unglue from each other, but I noticed that they do it less often that used to :pray:

No, the ones I mentioned don’t have any gluing properties at all. The dialog boxes that can stack can be unglued or re-glued.