Dynamic Component Trays/Docking for Options and Attributes

Howdy All just wondering how hard it would be to have the same control with the Dynamic Components dialog boxes. For the options and attributes that are set for the rest of the panels. With the docking options also.
They each minimize and fall into the lower left corner blocking the visible tips and hints area. Then on expanding them back they open in full screen, requiring you click to minimize again. If they could be set-up like the other trays. This would include the option to set up keyboard shortcuts for them.

Don’t know why they cant be controlled like any other drop down tray, as they function now, they are cumbersome. It is funny how many people asked for the trays to be removed, now there is a tray request. …Thanks and …Peace…


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The Developers have already asked that the Ruby API WebDialog and HtmlDialog classes windows become dockable into the trays by the endusers. (The DC extension is in the same boat as all other extensions. It uses the API class windows.)

I think my personal preference would be to have the DC Options dialog autohide into the left margin (along with the Outliner and Instructor trays.)

Thank you Dan and being it is not an exclusive S-UP build tool makes sense. I also noticed there is a extra click-on offset box next to it Sketch Up icon. On the upper left portion of the options and attributes dialog box. That will maximize it back from the lower left corner but not to full screen size. That was annoying!!
This helps a lot but if the usefulness that the tray options provide as far as docking and visibility. Could be applied it would open the work space up, especially on a laptop. Less clutter on screen.

I am working with 2 monitors finally and tossed them over to the right hand one. But have to scale the You Tube video tutorial to play between the two of them. Or elongating the Dynamic Component toolbar and placing next to the docked default tab. Allows for controlling visibility. Just need to get used to it…
Thanks for the explanation and reply…Peace…

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