Dynamic Components attributes tray update?

Hey there, there was a post a few years ago about moving the dynamic attributes window into the tray or similar.

Above my understanding as to the protocol of making it a tray… is there any update on this being developed? Or even possible? and on that topic it would be useful to not have to type in specific degrees in say for example the dynamic attributes xyz rotation box but rather scroll or key through degrees… too much? it would make tweaking more fluid and reactive when modeling and rendering.

ACT camera is another window that would be greatly improved being in the Tray rather than context clicking eveytime you want to tweak a multitude of cameras, having that control in the tray would be really helpful.


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Those default Extension (delivered with SU) , have been written in Ruby, and the Ruby API does not have this function - use the trays for UI interaction. As you told this has been asked several times in a past decade(s), but, no, it is still not possible.

Anyway the Dynamic Components plugin does not really “touched” since ages (they are “focusing” on a Live Components now).

Personally, I see no realistic chance that these requested features for “native” extension will soon (ever) be implemented.

Ok thanks for the explanation. Yeah live components make sense keeping in line with procedural modeling. Are there any plans for SU to update its UI in the future?