Component "not a solid" but why?


Hi everybody,

i’ve got this nut model :
1-2 nut v2.stl (418.0 KB)

I’ve imported it in sketchup and I’d like to be able to use “union” and “substract” tool with it but it keeps telling me that it’s not a solid or locked.
Think is, Solid inspector tells me everything is fine. The is only one component/group in the file. Outliner tray shows only one component.

What’s wrong with it?

Thank you.



Upload the SKP file, please.

I have no problem making a solid component from the imported STL so it would help to see what you’ve got in SketchUp.

If there is only one component in your model, what are you going to union or subtract with it? You need more than one solid to use any of the Solid tools.


Hi Dave, sorry about that, here it is :
1-2 nut v2.skp (216.0 KB)


Hmmm… I used ThomThom’s CleanUp3 on it and it took care of making it solid.
1-2 nut v2.skp (202.3 KB)


Thank you so much, i’ll install that extension right away !
i’ll finish my model and will close the topic if everything went fine :wink:

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