Component instances not updating

I have created a spiral staircase by building a single step, making a component of that and then building the staircase. When I modify the original component the individual steps do not change. I must be doing something wrong! Ideas please. For information I am trying to recreate a stone stair, in a medieval building, of which only 5 steps remain in order to determine where the missing parts were located.


When selecting one instance does the entity info window display that it is a component and the number of instances?

Can you share your model? or images?

If you have accidentally made a group rather than a component, then they are effectively separate things.
You can select a group and use the context-menu to make it into a component.
Then use that to replace the last few step-groups and delete the unwanted groups…

Yes, it displays “Component” “37 instances”.
Each one has the definition “Spiral Step” but not an instance name.
I am just getting to grips with the differences in SU approach rather than that of ACAD, 3DS etc.
I am using SU 2019 PRO

No, they all identify as components. The steps are basically wedges extruded upwards. I need to try different numbers of steps and different depths of step. It is changing the push/pull that is not being copied to the other instances. Editing of edges does seem to be passed on.

How about uploading the SKP file so we can see exactly what you’ve got?

Are you editing the component’s instance and then PushPulling the top face ?
That change will apply to all instances of that component.
If you select the instance and use Scale with the top handle, then the vertical height will change, but only for that one instance; the other instances stay their original height.

No, I edited the original component using push/pull. This had the effect of each step pushing up into the one above not, as I expected lifting the one above. Writing this now I’ve just realised; components are not sticky, I will have to move the steps individually! Thanks to all who have replied … back to the (virtual) drawing board!

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If you have a number of step components that don’t have the correct combined height, then you could select them all and use the Scale tool, top central green handle, to adjust their heights en mass to suit the new height needed.
You could then select an instance of the step component, and use the context-menu to “scale definition” if desired…

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